Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Litigation Funding Growing More Dominant in US than Ever Before

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Litigation Funding Growing More Dominant in US than Ever Before

From media outlets such as the NY Times to former Supreme Court clerks, everyone has a hand in this growing industry.

April 28, 2014


Not so long ago the idea of financing lawsuits was strictly reserved for personal injury plaintiffs, and the practice was so predatory and corrupt that it gained little respect from the legal and corporate world alike. Fast forward a decade and the litigation funding industry have not only seen a growth, but also a boom and surge into other sectors; the practice now becoming a mainstay for many corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and thanks to Amerevision, small businesses.

The practice of financing lawsuits for plaintiffs in return for a share of the reward, known as litigation funding, has seen coverage in major finance publications such as a the New York Times and Wall Street Journal more than four times this past year. In 2013, the industry made major headlines when two former Supreme Court clerks for Justice Anthony Kennedy joined forces with other legal and business experts to form Gerchen Keller Capitol; a law firm which they raised $100 million to fund high-stakes litigation between corporations.

Deciding to take the field of litigation funding beyond the boardroom, Amerevision Legal Finance, a firm based in the Financial District of New York City, offers non-recourse litigation funding to individuals and small businesses with an annual revenue of $300,000 or more. Choosing to invest in high-level funding for entrepreneurs instead of CEO’s is a revolutionary, yet risky step; however Amerevision CEO Hezi Torati deems it necessary.

“Many small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t have the excess capital required for litigation, which is unfortunate because the ability to effectively litigate can be a momentous factor in the success of their business,” says Torati. “Having to forego things such as contract disputes, patent protection, and intellectual property suits can really hurt a business owner, and we’re here to change that. We want to empower these entrepreneurs to go after the claims that are vital to the success of their company, and we want to minimize their risks while doing it.”

To receive funding from Amerevision, you must visit their website at and apply online. Due to the nature of Amerevision’s direct litigation funding, the firm must review the claim for merit before financing any attorney fees or court costs.  To learn more about Amerevision Legal Financing, or to find out more about the growing world of litigation funding, visit the Amerevision website, under the News and Press section.


Amerevision Capital LLC is based in New York City and provides litigation funding on behalf of persons and small businesses, optimizing its clients’ likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings.  It was founded in 2011 by Hezi Torati, who has successfully pioneered several innovative and varied niche models of financing in the United States and internationally.

For Press Inquires contact:          Mia A. Logan                       The Amerevision Group LLC

Litigation Funding Growing More Dominant in US than Ever Before

Friday, April 25, 2014



Lawsuit Loans versus Litigation Funding: What YOU Should Know

Ever since the practice hit US markets in the early 1990s, third-party lawsuit funding has seen a rapid increase in the legal industry. Now with a growing number of investment firms engaging in litigation funding; the industry has come under scrutiny from the judicial system, legal experts, and potential plaintiffs.  The relative infancy of alternative litigation financing, along with the predatory behaviors demonstrated by a few, has become cause for concern by many.

So how does one decide whether or not to seek out litigation funding? How does an entrepreneur determine whether or not they are being taken for ride with a high-interest lawsuit loan? How can a business owner find a litigation funding service that suits the needs of their company? Amerevision Legal Finance has the answers.

           What is a lawsuit loan, and should I seek one to finance my litigation? Sometimes referred to as a pre-settlement loan, lawsuit loans are typically cash advances given to plaintiffs who are awaiting a settlement, usually to cover living expenses until an offer is reached. These loans are typically reserved for those engaging in personal injury suits, or workplace related litigation. The interest rates and fees for this type of non-recourse debt are usually high, with clients re-paying financiers anywhere from 30 to 120 percent of their loan amount. Most legal experts advise plaintiffs to stay away from this type of funding, as it is often predatory and misleading in nature.

            How is litigation funding, like the type provided by Amerevision Legal Finance any different? Amerevision offers a special kind of non-recourse legal financing, where the plaintiff’s attorney fees and court costs are paid directly by the firm. Instead of providing plaintiffs with a cash advance just to charge steep interest rates at a later time, Amerevision leverages its own capital against the lawsuit; taking the risk of filing a lawsuit off the table for the client. This method is commonly seen in lawsuit matters involving large corporations who choose to shift the cost of litigation to a third-party, however Amerevision offers this same ethical approach for individuals and small businesses.

Which type of alternative legal financing should I seek for my lawsuit? Small business owners and entrepreneurs are advised to stay away from lenders that offer cash-advanced lawsuit loans due to their unregulated practices and high interest rates. Business owners who are considering a lawsuit should research companies like Amerevision that will relieve the burden of litigation costs, allowing them to focus their capitol on already present expenses.  Choosing the litigation funding route may not result in a quick, cash pay-off for filing a suit, however it has been shown that this course of action yields the highest potential for reaching an agreeable settlement.

In short, while lawsuit loans may appear attractive at first sight, as a business owner, you must decide whether or not the large burden of debt is truly in the best interest of your business. The alternative method of direct litigation funding via Amerevision is the best way for entrepreneurs who want to experience positive, long-term results from their litigation.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Ways Litigation Funding Can Grow Your Business

Many entrepreneurs choose to handle their legal needs alone,attempting to reduce overhead by curbing the cost of legal assistance. While this may seem like a great idea from a financial perspective, this do-it-yourself attitude can negatively affect your company in more ways than one.

When dealing with issues such as debt collection and contractualdisputes, it is in the best interest of a business owner to have access to legal expertise . Amerevision business services gives entrepreneurs this access, while still alleviating the cost of hourly legal care. The ability to effectively, proactively, and favorably resolve litigation matters empowers entrepreneurs; enabling them to put more capital and effort into their company's primary needs. By allowing another party to take on the burden of funding and finding legal assistance, you can use your time to grow your business.
Approximately 60 percent of businesses and small business owners reported having some type of legal dispute last year. Litigation funding through Amerevision can help business owners gain the most positive results from these disputes:

Debt Collection gains you faster access to your collectibles. Knowing you can take legal action if a debt goes unresolved, clients and customers are much more likely to pay on time, keeping your cash flow streaming in.
Contract Concerns can range from simple misunderstandings to blatant breaches of contract.Amerevision’s investment in your side increases your likelihood of success by facilitating expert handling and ensure optimal results, and will enable you to pursue claims you may otherwise have thought too costly and time-consuming.
Intellectual Property Protection is vital to the innovation of your business model and the expansion of your company. Litigation funding helps keep your intellectual property protected by aligning your goals and your attorneys goals more closely to anticipate the most positive outcome.  
Services such as the ones provided by Amerevision Legal Financing can be an affordable solution for busy business owners. For a fraction of the time and costs to pay an attorney to handle a single issue, owners can proactively access a portal to their legal needsTo learn more, or apply for funding, visit our website.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Amerevision Debuts Legal Financing Solution for Entrepreneurs

NYC Litigation Funders, Amerevison, Debuts Legal Financing Solution for Business Owners
Amerevision Legal Finance CEO Hezi Torati unveils new type of litigation funding to aid business owners with legal disputes and claims.
 April 8, 2014
 Start-up: Amerevision Capital
 Founder: Hezi Torati
 Employees: Nine full-time
 Location: New York City
 Founded: 2012
 The Pitch:  Amerevision is a litigation financing company that invests in its clients’ cases, paying legal costs directly and providing research and support to increase each client’s likelihood of succeeding.  Its clients are small and medium-sized business owners engaged in commercial disputes ranging from intellectual property to real property, to professional malpractice, to contractual.   “We saw business owners leaving legal claims unresolved, abandoning important lawsuits that would have protected them against liability or competition and made or saved them a significant amount of money.  We also saw lawyers mishandling important litigations and ‘taking clients for a ride’, and that business owners are often ill-equipped know whether they are being properly represented.  Our company solves both problems.”
 How It Works:  When a business owner has a legal claim they want to pursue and applies to Amerevision for legal financing, the claim’s merits undergo extensive review.  A minority of applicants are accepted.  A client may have already selected an attorney, in which case Amerevision reviews the attorney’s background, references, and legal writing samples and interviews the attorney as part of the application process.  If they have not, they may choose from a list of attorneys that Amerevision has already vetted that practice the appropriate area of law.
Amerevision provides the extensive research it has performed on the case during application review to the client’s chosen attorney.  In addition to paying the client’s legal costs, Amerevision continues to provide back office research and support services to the attorney and keep the client informed as mediation, litigation, or arbitration proceeds. Amerevision’s success depends on the successful outcome of its client’s cases, so Amerevision’s ongoing engagement with all parties is comprehensive and meticulous.  This third party involvement encourages creative problem solving, transparency and positive results.  “Business owners face enough obligations and risks related to the running of their core business without those added by litigation,” says Mr. Torati.   “We allow them to stay focused on growing their company.”
 Financing: Clients pay Amerevision an agreed upon percentage of their settlement, whether it comes in the form of an award or savings.    In many cases, the fee is paid in installments.
 Traction:  Amerevision has over one hundred active clients in New York and surrounding areas.
 Client Example:  Mr. Roberts has a New York based paint distribution company, which has been in business for over twenty years.  He is currently working with Amerevision on a real estate related claim in Suffolk County.  When he thinks about the many claims he chose not to pursue because of the expense and time doing so would have required, he wishes that such a solution would have been available to him earlier.  He intends to call Amerevision first when such issues, which he now considers “opportunities,” emerge in the future.
Amerevision Capital LLC is based in New York City and provides litigation funding on behalf of persons and small businesses, optimizing its clients’ likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings.  It was founded in 2011 by Hezi Torati, who has successfully pioneered several innovative and varied niche models of financing in the United States and internationally.
For Press Inquires contact:          Mia A. Logan       The Amerevision Group LLC

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Way to Reduce Your Overhead: Litigation Funding

In today’s recovering economy, small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to outsource certain overhead costs while protecting their company and intellectual property. The most commonly outsourced services are marketing, IT services, and tech support; but what if companies could relieve some of their overhead by outsourcing the investment in legal representation to companies like Amerevision Legal Financing?

Amerevision Legal Finance is the only third party litigation funding agency that offers the lawsuit financing model popular among large corporations and companies to small business owners with minimum annual revenue of $300,000. The benefits of this type of litigation funding are vast, but importantly, they help to reduce an owner’s overhead expenses. Are you a business owner? Here is how Amerevision can help you.

1.) No Legal Fees, No Retainer, No Hassle Amerevision offers non-recourse litigation funding, which means that the plaintiff is only responsible to pay the finance agency an agreed upon percentage of their potential award or settlement if their case is successful. Simply put, Amerevision will cover your legal fees and litigation costs, and is only paid from your settlement or award if you win. Letting a third party hedge the risk of loss for you alleviates the stress that comes with litigating an issue and allows you to focus your time and capital on the development of your core business. This is particularly valuable because most business owners do not have room in their budget for unanticipated litigation costs, which can be high and drain their business’ resources.

2.) Better Understanding, Better Outcome: By providing and paying for legal services directly, Amerevision equips both clients and attorneys with a clear understanding of each party’s expectations and obligations. For litigants, there is no high retainer fee or lack of control over how they are billed. For attorneys, there is no monetary incentive to draw out legal proceedings. Eliminating the need for back and forth bartering and bantering, attorneys are able to focus solely on the case at hand, increasing productivity and the likelihood of a favorable outcome for all.

3.) A More Proactive Approach: Not having to worry about out of pocket expenses enables you to be able to meet all of your company’s legal needs. Having a go-to firm that can provide legal assistance and representation at your disposal and not having to worry out of pocket expenses keeps you prepared and equipped for any litigation issues that may pop-up.

No business owner, big or small, should have to spend valuable time worrying about how they will be able to handle legal issues they may not be able to control, or forgo a winning legal claim because they do not have the capital required to succeed. Reduce your budget by utilizing Amerevision third-party litigation, and spend your time and money on growing your business. 

Our website offers a full explanation and overview of our services, along with our application for litigation financing. Also, for up to date news and advice about the growing litigation finance industry, you can follow us on our Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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