Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Will Litigation Funding Work For My Business Claim? The Answer is Yes!

As the industry continues to boom,  litigation funding companies are beginning to take on more business, typically using a ‘one size fits all’ approach to managing client regardless of individual needs. Amerevision Legal Financing is different. We respect our clients' unique circumstances and concerns. Our revolutionary approach to litigation funding involves top-notch research and a focus on transparency and communication from start to finish. Once your claim has been assessed and accepted, Amerevision will invest its resources to further the goals of your litigation.

Our team invests in sourcing high quality legal resources and tools for each of our client’s disputes. We commit ourselves fully to the success of each claim, although we observe and respect the necessity of attorney-client privilege.  We believe that our involvement enhances transparency between client and attorney, and that a legal case is only as strong as the communication between all parties involved.

What makes Amerevision so exceptional is our willingness to intervene and provide funding at any stages of litigation or mediation. In addition to accepting both plaintiff and defendant clients, Amerevision also works with law firms and in-house counsel. Claimants are generally company owners or stakeholders who may not have the desire or ability to pursue claims with their own capital. Due to the high-risk nature of litigation, these companies frequently forfeit potentially valuable claims. By partnering with Amerevision, business owners have an opportunity to proactively pursue meritous litigation without the risk of financial ruin.

The ability to see a legal claim from start to finish and access to expert representation can make the difference between a business’ successes or failure. Our dedication to our clients and their specialized needs are unparalleled and set us apart from our competitors. If you think Amerevision Legal Finance could be the litigation funding company for your business, visit our website to apply and learn more about what we offer.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Litigation Funding Industry Providing New Solutions for Entrepreneurs Engaged in Lawsuits

For Immediate Release

Third-party commercial litigation investment now providing access for business owners to pursue otherwise unattainable legal claims.

- Amerevision

New York, NY- With the costs of litigation soaring, entrepreneurs are often forced to forgo meritous lawsuits.  Large corporations and Fortune 500 companies have the resources to vigorously fight litigation, making it difficult for small business owners to win intellectual property suits or pursue other necessary claims.  Amerevision Legal Funding offers a unique new way to resolve this issue.

Amerevision is a third-party commercial litigation funder, which means they pay the costs of a litigant’s claim in exchange for a portion of the potential winnings.  The New York City based funder’s uniqueness comes from their willingness to offer this service to the small business sector.  Unlike the high-stakes claims seen so often on Wall Street, Amerevision will invest in claims of as little as $300,000, making their services accessible to many of the city’s entrepreneurs.

The science of investing in commercial disputes is one that Amerevision has perfected. Before investing in a claim, the firm will assess liability and calculate the risk involved with funding the litigation.   By assuming liability and directly funding litigation costs, Amerevision gives their litigant clients the relief of knowing their claim is being pursued efficiently, while they reserve their energy, capital, and time for other business matters.

The core goal of Amerevision and other third party litigation financing companies is to promote access to justice.  Despite the arguments that the litigation funding industry could fuel a rise in frivolous lawsuits, Amerevision CEO Hezi Torati assures, “Third party funding could significantly benefit the U.S. court system. What we do not only helps our clients, but helps weed out a number of ill conceived lawsuits.”


Amerevision Capital LLC is based in New York City and provides litigation funding on behalf of persons and small businesses, optimizing its clients’ likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings.  It was founded in 2011 by Hezi Torati, who has successfully pioneered several innovative and varied niche models of financing in the United States and internationally.

For Press Inquires contact:          Mia A. Logan                       The Amerevision Group LLC

Litigation Funding Industry Providing New Solutions for Entrepreneurs Engaged in Lawsuits

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Litigation Funding: A Concise Timeline- by Amerevision

In light of all of the recent media attention given to the litigation funding industry recently, wouldn't it be nice to know more about its history?

·         1765: Litigation funding isn't new.  It was an ancient practice, considered meddling and banned in much of Western society during the 18th century. William Blackstone, an English attorney and politician, calls third party funders “pests of society.”

·         1787: Jeremy Bentham, a British philosopher and the founder of modern Utilitarianism, decided to go against the grain and penned “Defence of Usury” where he articulated that “wealth has the monopoly of justice against poverty” and advocated for lawsuit lending.

Flash-forward to the 20th century…
·         1908: The American Bar Association cautiously began to allow attorneys to charge contingency fees, which meant that they could perform work in exchange for a share of the potential reward.  This was intended to facilitate representation for people who couldn't afford to pay upfront.

·         1963: Civil Rights! In one of the most important "wins" for litigation funding, SCOTUS ruled that civil lawsuits were protected under the First Amendment as free speech, making it possible for N.A.A.C.P to back plaintiffs in cases regarded civil liberties.

·         1985: Pay attention business owners: Charles P. Hall raises $1 million from investors in order to finance a patent protection lawsuit. This, a strategy that is now popular, was innovative.

·         1992: Ken Polowitz, a mortgage banker, creates the first legal financing firm, Plaintiff Support Services, which offered support to plaintiffs awaiting a settlement from litigation.

·         1998: General Electric turns a $4.2 million dollar profit from funding a lawsuit for a discount retailer against Chase Manhattan.

·         2000: The American Bar Association formally embraces litigation funding.

·         2004: The American Legal Finance Association is created under pressure from NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

So, there you have it: the most important dates in litigation funding history! To learn more, or for any questions about litigation funding, visit Amerevision's website at

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