Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Will Litigation Funding Work For My Business Claim? The Answer is Yes!

As the industry continues to boom,  litigation funding companies are beginning to take on more business, typically using a ‘one size fits all’ approach to managing client regardless of individual needs. Amerevision Legal Financing is different. We respect our clients' unique circumstances and concerns. Our revolutionary approach to litigation funding involves top-notch research and a focus on transparency and communication from start to finish. Once your claim has been assessed and accepted, Amerevision will invest its resources to further the goals of your litigation.

Our team invests in sourcing high quality legal resources and tools for each of our client’s disputes. We commit ourselves fully to the success of each claim, although we observe and respect the necessity of attorney-client privilege.  We believe that our involvement enhances transparency between client and attorney, and that a legal case is only as strong as the communication between all parties involved.

What makes Amerevision so exceptional is our willingness to intervene and provide funding at any stages of litigation or mediation. In addition to accepting both plaintiff and defendant clients, Amerevision also works with law firms and in-house counsel. Claimants are generally company owners or stakeholders who may not have the desire or ability to pursue claims with their own capital. Due to the high-risk nature of litigation, these companies frequently forfeit potentially valuable claims. By partnering with Amerevision, business owners have an opportunity to proactively pursue meritous litigation without the risk of financial ruin.

The ability to see a legal claim from start to finish and access to expert representation can make the difference between a business’ successes or failure. Our dedication to our clients and their specialized needs are unparalleled and set us apart from our competitors. If you think Amerevision Legal Finance could be the litigation funding company for your business, visit our website to apply and learn more about what we offer.

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