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Litigation Funding Growing More Dominant in US than Ever Before

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Litigation Funding Growing More Dominant in US than Ever Before

From media outlets such as the NY Times to former Supreme Court clerks, everyone has a hand in this growing industry.

April 28, 2014


Not so long ago the idea of financing lawsuits was strictly reserved for personal injury plaintiffs, and the practice was so predatory and corrupt that it gained little respect from the legal and corporate world alike. Fast forward a decade and the litigation funding industry have not only seen a growth, but also a boom and surge into other sectors; the practice now becoming a mainstay for many corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and thanks to Amerevision, small businesses.

The practice of financing lawsuits for plaintiffs in return for a share of the reward, known as litigation funding, has seen coverage in major finance publications such as a the New York Times and Wall Street Journal more than four times this past year. In 2013, the industry made major headlines when two former Supreme Court clerks for Justice Anthony Kennedy joined forces with other legal and business experts to form Gerchen Keller Capitol; a law firm which they raised $100 million to fund high-stakes litigation between corporations.

Deciding to take the field of litigation funding beyond the boardroom, Amerevision Legal Finance, a firm based in the Financial District of New York City, offers non-recourse litigation funding to individuals and small businesses with an annual revenue of $300,000 or more. Choosing to invest in high-level funding for entrepreneurs instead of CEO’s is a revolutionary, yet risky step; however Amerevision CEO Hezi Torati deems it necessary.

“Many small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t have the excess capital required for litigation, which is unfortunate because the ability to effectively litigate can be a momentous factor in the success of their business,” says Torati. “Having to forego things such as contract disputes, patent protection, and intellectual property suits can really hurt a business owner, and we’re here to change that. We want to empower these entrepreneurs to go after the claims that are vital to the success of their company, and we want to minimize their risks while doing it.”

To receive funding from Amerevision, you must visit their website at and apply online. Due to the nature of Amerevision’s direct litigation funding, the firm must review the claim for merit before financing any attorney fees or court costs.  To learn more about Amerevision Legal Financing, or to find out more about the growing world of litigation funding, visit the Amerevision website, under the News and Press section.


Amerevision Capital LLC is based in New York City and provides litigation funding on behalf of persons and small businesses, optimizing its clients’ likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings.  It was founded in 2011 by Hezi Torati, who has successfully pioneered several innovative and varied niche models of financing in the United States and internationally.

For Press Inquires contact:          Mia A. Logan                       The Amerevision Group LLC

Litigation Funding Growing More Dominant in US than Ever Before


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