Thursday, July 3, 2014

GM Recall Victims Fund Wide Eligibility | via Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance – July 2

In continuing news with the current General Motors lawsuit after the company failed to inform consumers of a safety hazards that led to countless deaths, the victims and their families are finally seeing steps in the right direction.

The compensation fund for victims of General Motors Co’s defective ignition switch will be open to a broad range of people, with family members of those who died as a result eligible for at least $1 million, the attorney in charge of the fund said on Monday.

Kenneth Feinberg said that GM will award an additional $300,000 for a spouse and each dependent left behind by a victim who died at the hands of the faulty part. Extenuating circumstances could drive the compensation figures higher. There is no cap on what GM might pay.

Victims who have experienced catastrophic injuries as well as more minor injuries as a result of the switch malfunctioning are also eligible for payment.

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GM Recall Victims Fund Wide Eligibility | via Yahoo! Finance


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